Neighbourhood Watch

Old Sarum & Longhedge Neighbourhood Watch Scheme 

Old Sarum Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Co-ordinator.

Ross Walker          Email:

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has been running on the Old Sarum Estate for about 4 years, and about 100 households have already joined. If you’ve signed up but not yet through the web site please follow the instructions below.

We would like to see many more residents sign up. Either as individual members or one person from the home you live in.
Because we have a vibrant and dynamic community, with a percentage of people not only moving within the estate, some moving away and others moving in.

It is time to remind you that the Scheme is here, how you can join, and how it works.

The current scheme was set up to cover the whole Old Sarum Estate and some of the surrounding area. Longhedge Estate Residents can sign up to this scheme, unless they prefer to start their own.

The benefits of membership are it is FREE, your home insurance company may give you a discount on your insurance.
You will receive regular updates from a number of local service providers for example, Police, Fire, Council, etc.

It is about neighbours looking out for neighbours, ensuring we are kept safe and well. Its not a police force, a local patrol or Wardens.
If you need emergency help ring 999 or if its not urgent ring 101.

The best thing to do is to join. Details below, encourage your friends and neighbours to do so as well. The more households that join the safer we can all feel.

To sign up please go to the Neighbourhood Watch Network - National Organisation to Register.

It doesn’t take long. Make sure you select our Scheme.
By using this web site your information is secure and protected under the General DataProtection Rules.

You will also find a whole load of other information, including how to get the local news items you want and also how to set up a Scheme for just your Road or Block of Flats.

Old Sarum Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Co-ordinator.

Ross Walker          Email........

Post OSNW. c/o Old Sarum Community Centre, Pheasant Drive, Old Sarum. SP4 6GH(Please include Name Address & Telephone number in any correspondence)

Please note that once you’ve signed up, this Web site may help

Use the same log-in details. They will also work on this site.